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September 2014


Reason #257 Why I Love My Husband — Kitchen Science

Ken, Katie, and Lizzie spent a good portion of the day trying to make supercooled liquids turn into instant slushies. They watched YouTube videos. They walked to the store to get bottles of tonic water and Sprite. While the liquids chilled, they made corn starch ‘magic mud,’ and talked through the science of molecules lining up when they freeze, but sliding around in a liquid. And at 8pm tonight, after two fails and a family bike ride, they tried it one more time.

Together, we watched the supercooled liquid freeze instantly.

And together, we at the slushy with three spoons.  Good stuff.

Frozen Beverages

(Nope.  Not what ours actually looked like.  But, to the kids, I think they seemed just like this.)



The Sound of Their Music

September 9, 2014

Katie’s favorite song: “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know,” by Selena Gomez

Lizzie’s favorite song: “Fearless,” by Olivia Holt

Henry’s favorite song: “Grenade,” by Bruno Mars

I’m sure the singers are lovely people, but Mom and Dad hate all of these songs.


How do we get our kids to like better music?




Wanted: One Church

Description: I am seeking a spiritual home for my family.

Qualifications: Acceptance — Emphasize the Love and Goodness that Unites Us All.

Community – Welcome us. Value us. Help us share our gifts with others.

Guidance — Help me teach my children how to be good people. Help me be good people.

Disqualifications: Bleakness, snobbery, or a rude guy in the parking lot who pounds on my car. A mumbling minister or a prayer leader who repeatedly insists, “It’s a terrible, terrible world out there” will also get nowhere with me.

Ideal candidate would possess a sense of humor about all of this.  Pretty music would also be a plus. Maybe some donuts after the service.

Location: Southern California.