What’s Mine Is Theirs

We have a lot of toothbrushes.  Even though only five of us have teeth, I counted six near my bathroom sink alone.  I did not count the sandy one in the bathtub or the blue one on the floor.

My brush is yellow.  It is often damp when I reach for it before bed.  I never thought much about this, until tonight, when I glanced in the bathroom and saw Katie loading it up with paste.

“Hey, that’s my toothbrush!” I yelled.

“No, it’s MY toothbrush!” she replied.  “How long have you been using it?”

“I have used it since I bought it,” I said, “for ME.  How long have YOU been using it?”

Katie shrugged, “Maybe a month or two.”  Then she turned away and started brushing.

I’m not sure what bothered me most: that she had been using it for so long or that I hadn’t noticed until now.

Guess I’m using the one on the floor tonight.


Kids are gross.


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