Regarding My Altercation with a Security Guard at a Mississippi Rest Stop

Not my proudest parenting moment, but there’s a new story on Huff Po.  Check it out.


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So, in 10th grade(20 yrs ago, ahhh) political history class, my teacher posed the question “which do you think will happen first, a female president or a black president?” I immediately raised my hand and answered “a black president, there is no way a woman could handle it”. After the other girls in my class viciously attacked me(verbally) the teacher asked me why I thought that, my answer to him was simply “we would cry”. You are so right, it is in our nature to feel things from the inside out. . . And crying makes us feel better and able to move forward. It’s like how women have an extra layer of fat, we also have an extra layer of gush. Now I will admit that there is a new breed of woman that will act on tearing your head off if necessary. Watch out.

Feelings blow. I SO want my girls to be tough. I want them to be steely and composed in the face of adversity. I dig for worms with them and never say, “ICK.” I compliment their bravery instead of their cuteness. We have taught them to kick and punch and climb trees and jump. But I fear it is only a matter of time before they see what a big marshmallow I am.

I guess I think it’s okay to think worms are gross, cuz worms are gross. I don’t want to turn my daughter into a stone faced warrior, but a woman who oozes femininity w just the right mix of softness and strength. I used to break worms in half and fish w them, it was cool, Sunny will do the same. I don’t do it anymore:) they are gross.

Also, if that’s the only time you cried while trekking cross country w 3 tykes and a geriatric dog than your a superhero in my book. And crazy.

It might be. I cussed a lot, though. And stress-ate. So don’t go making me a cape just yet.

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