Phantoms at the Opera

I took Katie to her first audition today.

‘Twas strange.

My child wants to be in a musical. She likes songs. And attention. Thus, we donned clean t-shirts and biked over to the community center after school.

She did not wear make-up.

Or a costume.

Or heels.

I did not curl her hair.

We did not cut in line.

Or prepare a resume.

Or photographs.

We did not bring muffins for the director.

Katie did not claim a space near the door in which to practice vocal ululations and pirouettes.

She did not psyche out anyone with her competitive edge.

Because she is nine.

And kind.

And this is not Broadway.

Or off-Broadway.

This is a room with a ping-pong table scooted to one side.

And the production is not Lord of the Flies.

I believe in my child. I love her confidence, her enthusiasm, and her go-getter spirit. I do not care if she is cast as a princess or an oompa loompa. Whatever the role, she’ll learn some lessons and have some fun. I don’t need to make other children feel small so my daughter can shine.




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