Mom, I Dropped My Locket…


…into the toilet.


That she dropped it, I understand.  I am clumsy myself sometimes.

That she continued to use the toilet to its full potential and only then requested locket extraction….

That is where I run out of words.



3 replies on “Mom, I Dropped My Locket…”

Reminds me of a story my SIL just told me, she has Oscar aged triplets, a boy and 2 girls. Super cute but absolute craziness. So picture this, all done playing at the park and boy has to potty, he is in the middle of potty training so they all run to a portapotty, he does a fantastic job and as “mom” is helping him pull up his cute little undies one of his sisters grabs the keys out if “moms” purse and, you guessed it, tossed them in the hole! Yes, she had to fish them out and use them to drive home. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I think of her and her triplet trials and tribulations and I begin to feel a little bit better:)

Ohmyohmyohmyohmy….The grossest story ever.

That is seriously one of my daydreams/nightmares. I’m running from something or someone. Survival is on the line. I have time to hide deep in the underside of the port-o-let. If I refuse, I’m caught.

What would I do?

Totally must hide in shitter, what if the person chasing you was planning on catching you, tying you up and shitting on you? Also, it can’t be that much different than what we deal with daily w the little disgusting humans we are raising. You once told me, the only way out is in:)

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