Lessons Learned inside an Ear

Lizzie has had an ear infection for nearly a week. We tried riding it out. We tried an antibiotic. If we can’t get ahead of this thing by tomorrow, we’ll be off to an ENT to get her ear suctioned.

It happens.

Except today was her birthday. Her fifth birthday, the first one celebrated here in California, and a day she has been looking forward to for months. The poor kid spent it on the couch. She said ‘No thanks’ to a visit to the candy store, and rejected a trip to the Santa Monica pier. Instead, she cuddled with her stuffed kitty, Whiskers, watched movies she had already seen, and napped.

All things considered, it was a pretty bogus birthday.

But tonight, when Katie asked, “Was today one of your best birthdays ever?” Lizzie nodded. I looked at her face for confirmation, and she was smiling. She and her sister listed today’s good points:

Lizzie requested and received oatmeal for breakfast.

She opened presents from her aunt, uncle, and grandparents, and her sister gave her a bracelet and a unicorn t-shirt.

Lizzie got to drink half a cup of Sprite to wash the taste of medicine out of her mouth.

Dad came home early from work and they snuggled.

We all sang “Happy Birthday” and ate pumpkin pie.

Lizzie blew out the candles the moment she saw them, and she wore that unicorn t-shirt all day long. We rented no bounce houses and hosted no friends. It was just us here at the house with Lizzie.

I was sad most of the day thinking about all she was missing, but it turned out that Lizzie was happy most of the day thinking about all that she has.

Happy birthday, my sweet little mouse.  lizzie5thbirthday

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