Donkey Boy

I often fret that my children do not play together. Isn’t that the only real reason to have more than one child in the first place? More often than not, they play near each other. Henry drives his cars, Lizzie arranges her Barbies, and Katie conducts Science experiments in the garage.

But the other day, they banned together to play ‘Donkey Boy,’ a game that involved tying Henry to a bench in the backyard, and feeding him crushed up crackers from a plastic cup. The girls brought water to their donkey and brushed his cottony fur. And when they grew tired of the game, they made him a cozy bed, and left.

When I discovered Henry later, I was tempted to call the older two, to give them the “Why We Don’t Tie Up Our Brother” lecture. Instead, Henry looked up at me, smiled, and brayed. I brought him a small trough of cucumbers, and the Donkey Boy stayed out there until dinner.

At least the kids played together…

DonkeyBoynap,march2015 EatingDonkeyboymarch2015


And it was better than Princess Boy that they played last week.






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Hi Henry..the donkey princess!..what a wonderful brother you are…this is hi-ah-lee-uh-lar-ee-us Ri..or is it Ken??

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