Wanted: One Church

Description: I am seeking a spiritual home for my family.

Qualifications: Acceptance — Emphasize the Love and Goodness that Unites Us All.

Community – Welcome us. Value us. Help us share our gifts with others.

Guidance — Help me teach my children how to be good people. Help me be good people.

Disqualifications: Bleakness, snobbery, or a rude guy in the parking lot who pounds on my car. A mumbling minister or a prayer leader who repeatedly insists, “It’s a terrible, terrible world out there” will also get nowhere with me.

Ideal candidate would possess a sense of humor about all of this.  Pretty music would also be a plus. Maybe some donuts after the service.

Location: Southern California.


2 replies on “Church(s)hopping”

Rolling Hills Covenant Church
Rancho Palos Verdes, C.A.
-Children’s Program
-3 preachers (we preferred the 2 younger ones, that service is called Canvas). Not crazy about the band’s rock music, but the preaching was pretty good.
-small group programs, such as “Parents with young kids”, “Singles”, “Empty Nesters”, etc.
-this is the church that also has the MOPS (mothers of preschoolers).

I think about you and your kiddos just about every time I use your spatula. Want to call you, but my “good time to chat” window ends up being 6am-9am your time. You’re not too busy then, right? 😉 Hope you’re enjoying that beautiful sun and sky. Miss you guys and wishing we could be there too.

Maria: We will have to check out that church. Thanks for the recommendation. I think of you guys all the time, too. Especially whenever someone refers to San Pedro, or when I meet a mom who just seems super-friendly. Hope your school year is off to a good start and that packing lunches and washing school clothes isn’t driving you too nutso. Come visit your sister.

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